Remote Profiling WSO2 Products with JProfiler

This post contains the steps to remote profile a WSO2 server using JProfiler

Setup Details:

  • WSO2 Identity Server 5.1.0 – Beta
  • JProfiler 9

You can download JProfiler from here.

Once JProfiler is downloaded and extracted, navigate to JProfiler, bin folder and run jpenable command.

Select the GUI Profiling mode and the program will request the profiling port. The default port will be 31757. If you don’t have a requirement to change the port, just press enter  so the profiling port will be the default port.

jprofiler9/bin$ ./jpenable
Connecting to org.wso2.carbon.bootstrap.Bootstrap [30483] ...
Please select the profiling mode:
GUI mode (attach with JProfiler GUI) [1, Enter]
Offline mode (use config file to set profiling settings) [2]
Please enter a profiling port

You can now use the JProfiler GUI to connect on port 31757

Then open JProfiler in your local machine, start a new session (Session > New Session or ⌘N in Mac) and attach the session to remove Identity Server instance using it’s IP and profiling port.


Hope this helps… 🙂