Robocode – “Build the best – destroy the rest!”

This post is for all the geeks out there who’s crazy about programming battle robots. The program is Robocode!

In simple terms Robocode is a programming game. The game is all about programming a robot and battling with other robots. You can use JAVA or .NET for programming the battle robot. The Fun fact is that you can battle your robots with other opponents real-time and on-screen.

Robocode comes with its own installer, built-in robot editor & a Java compiler The only pre-requisite a JAVA installed operating system. One can also use his/her favorite IDE for the programming. Robocode comes to you as a free and an opensource software. So why wait. Be a Robocoder, Build the best & destroy the rest!

You can download the program here.

And also check the

for detailed information.

💡 Special Thanks goes to my friend Hansa Nanayakkara for sending me the link.

Have fun battling!! 😀


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